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A Seat at the Board Table! 3 Things Communicators need to start doing.

As Marshall McLuhan‘s globe continues to morph into a village and Thomas Friedman‘s world to flatten, the need for corporate communicators to step up and to assume leadership roles in their organizations is mounting. But what does a leadership role look … Continue reading

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8 Steps towards Writing a Communication Strategy

“Strategic communication management could be defined as the systematic planning and realization of information flow, communication, media development and image care in a long-term horizon. It conveys deliberate message(s) through the most suitable media to the designated audience(s) at the … Continue reading

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10 Crucial Things Organizations Need to Consider before Embracing Social Media

Social media has become the main platform that companies, organizations, and brands are capitalizing on to engage their respective audience. Whether the purpose is commercial, social,  or promotional, social media is emerging as a primary tool for success in such … Continue reading

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Media Goes on the Defensive: What @AP Should Remind Us Of When it Comes to Crisis Management

Hackers have compromised Twitter accounts of The Associated Press Today, sending out a false tweet about an attack at the White House. According to the Associated Press, in a tweet that later proved to be inaccurate: “Breaking: Two Explosions at … Continue reading

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Communicators

This year we will be celebrating 24 years since late Dr. Stephen Covey published the 1st version of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” ,one of the best selling business books, inspiring people all over the world. On this note, … Continue reading

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