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A true believer in communications as a vital discipline to lead organizations in the 21st century and the fact that "One cannot not communicate". Appreciate simple communications strategies that can actually be implemented and enjoy monitoring social behaviors. Avid reader, Judo player, Optimistic by nature, husband and father

10 Things to Remember for Your Next Media Appearance

Originally posted on Communication is King:
Executives and communicators are engaged on daily basis with the media in its different forms. As usual, not all people are gifted with the ability to master media appearances. Some may even grow a…

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A Seat at the Board Table! 3 Things Communicators need to start doing.

As Marshall McLuhan‘s globe continues to morph into a village and Thomas Friedman‘s world to flatten, the need for corporate communicators to step up and to assume leadership roles in their organizations is mounting. But what does a leadership role look … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

“When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective.” ― Stephen R. Covey

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8 Steps towards Writing a Communication Strategy

“Strategic communication management could be defined as the systematic planning and realization of information flow, communication, media development and image care in a long-term horizon. It conveys deliberate message(s) through the most suitable media to the designated audience(s) at the … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

“Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.” ― Lawrence Clark Powell

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6 Lessons in 90 Seconds: What PR & Communications Professionals can Learn from IBM

Throughout the day, I am exposed to hundreds of messages organizations try to convey to their respective audience that ultimately fail to resonate.  What is going wrong? Why is it that brands, although capitalizing on a genuine intention to connect … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

The speed of communications is wondrous to behold. It is also true that speed can multiply the distribution of information that we know to be untrue. Edward R. Murrow

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