10 Things to Remember for Your Next Media Appearance

ImageExecutives and communicators are engaged on daily basis with the media in its different forms. As usual, not all people are gifted with the ability to master media appearances. Some may even grow a sort of phobia that will haunt them throughout the process and, in many cases, hinder their ability to deliver their message properly.

Being around for a while, rubbing shoulders with journalists and executives, I compiled a list of 10 things to have in mind before your next media appearance:

  1. Be honest: when you are under the probe, not telling the truth will do you no good.
  2. Prepare, prepare, prepare: One cannot stress enough the importance of knowing your subject inside out.
  3. It is all about WE not Them: Don’t give your competitors airtime, remember this is an opportunity to present your organisation’s point of view.
  4. Show Empathy: Indifferent behavior will get you nowhere.
  5. What you Know only: Nobody is asking you to know everything at all times so do yourself a favor and don’t talk about what you don’t know.
  6.  Get your quote ready: if you don’t provide the journalist with emotional statements that are worth being quoted, then you may not like what appears on the news.
  7. Know your messages: you are there for a mission and this mission is to get your messages across. Don’t make things complicated, maximum 3 messages.
  8. Don’t get defensive: you don’t need to put yourself in the corner.
  9. Make no enemies: there is nothing that journalists hate more than asking them to check a final draft before publishing.
  10. There is nothing called “off the record”: Everything is ON the record, so act accordingly.

About rogerjabaly

A true believer in communications as a vital discipline to lead organizations in the 21st century and the fact that "One cannot not communicate". Appreciate simple communications strategies that can actually be implemented and enjoy monitoring social behaviors. Avid reader, Judo player, Optimistic by nature, husband and father
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9 Responses to 10 Things to Remember for Your Next Media Appearance

  1. rogerjabaly says:

    Reblogged this on Communication is King and commented:

    A blog post about getting ready for a media appearance that is worth re-reading.

  2. Pete Yaksick says:

    # 4 is key if not paramount. Expressing empathy not only creates physical, cognitive and socio-emotional pathways that enahance networking efforts with other organizations, but also aids in strengthening the sense of “team” within the home organization. Nice job with providing all 10 “pieces” of advice, as they certainly add up to a “holistic” approach for communicators in terms of awareness in dealing with the real world perceptions of consumers of media.

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  4. rogerjabaly says:

    Definitely kgalalelo, sometimes the curse of knowledge allows us to complicate things.

  5. P. G. Dalzero says:

    And, above all, be sure to have something to communicate.

  6. kgalalelo says:

    Indeed they are the most practical and universal things communicators should never forget. A lot of thanks for reminding us that the basics of communications principles can be good enough.

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